Souvenirs heaven: Habari Boutique

Published On: February 25th, 2020

When you travel, one of the key activities is shopping for souvenirs. You look for the city branded merchandise to remind you of the memories you created and also to give back as gifts to family members and friends. It’s always the mugs, fridge magnets, bags and T-shirts that are the most popular purchase. The sentiment value makes it ideal for gifting, and also some people like collecting a certain item as a way of showcasing their travels. Some like fridge magnets, where they show each city they have been and others T-shirts. There is no doubt that souvenir are popular in every city and are sold in different shops and vendors at affordable prices. It gives people a sense of belonging.

Mombasa being a destination city, many tourists visit the city to enjoy the beach, learn about the historic background and study the vibrant diverse culture. Therefore, souvenir is popular and reflect on Kenya’s heritage and Mombasa way of life to visitors. There so many shops, vendors and market dedicated to selling Mombasa and Kenya branded souvenirs and merchandise. One of the oldest in the city, is Habari Boutique. Located on Biashara Street, Habari Boutique opened its door in 1980 with the 3rd generation currently managing the store making it one of the historic shops that is still in business. For the last 40 years they have been sourcing and selling various items that reflect Kenya and Mombasa. They open from 9:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday to allow different people to purchase from their variety of products. On Saturday they close for lunch and open at 3pm to 5 30pm, and close on Sunday’s and public holidays.

In their shop you will find different items for yourself or to gift someone, from T-shirts all sizes, Ladies tussle tops, Ladies cap sleeve tops, and Kenya rugby T-shirts (not official jersey). Including beautiful Copper clocks that shaped like the map of Africa and Kenya, and also Gongs (tusks) made of copper. Also if you want to gift Mugs, Shot glasses with the Kenyan flag or picture of fort Jesus you will find one in different designs.  For those who love Fridge magnets, you will see variety of magnets that showcase Kenya culture, conservation campaigns and the Big Five. There is also pieces for home decorates like cultural Bronze cast figures, wildlife Clay cast figures and various wooden figures. In addition, Paintings for homes and offices of wildlife and Kenyan Cultures. And if you are into Semi precious stones jewelry, Habari boutique is the place to visit. The beautiful necklaces in different stones that match every skin tone.  Other items available for purchase include, Pen holders, Stickers, Safari hats, Caps, Flags and Beaded bracelets (adding more countries). And of course African Shirts and African dresses.

With emerging trends, they ship locally and internationally with shipping charges excluded in the price. All the products are priced between 100 kshs to kshs 40,000, they accept cash and Mpesa through Till number 671007 as forms of payments. So if want something customized, or gift for your loved ones abroad or just being patriotic Habari boutique is your place to visit for your purchase.

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