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Published On: April 9th, 2017

Being an island Mombasa seems small for things to do, but there is a lot you can do in a day. Sometimes you get a visitor and don’t know where to take them, here is one idea on a day in Mombasa.  Mombasa has a lot of attractions on cheap budget, it is how you plan your day that matters.

Bamburi Beach

You can start the day with a swim at the beach, go on glass bottom ride. Or Jet Ski around the oceans, Para sail and etc.  For prices read our previous blog Experience Bamburi Beach. This will give you an opportunity to enjoy the beach in different ways.


After the swim, you will definitely be famished; you can come back to town and eat at Forodhani Seafront restaurant located at Old town near the Old Port.  You can either have a shawarma or a biriyani with a cold ukwaju juice to make it all worthwhile. The restaurant has an amazing view of the sea and it leaves you relaxed while enjoying your meal.  The prices are reasonable; they cater for big groups as well.


Fort Jesus/Old Town tour

After lunch you can start a tour of Old Town, see the old post office, old police station and all the souvenir shops.  Learn about the history of Mombasa and Kenya, through various historic places that still stand. Learn the culture around and meet people of Old town.  You can then proceed to Fort Jesus and learn about the Portuguese and Oman Arabs in the Fort.  Know when the fort was built, visit the museum and get history about the fort.

Kachiri Ya Muhogo at Mama Ngina Drive

As the day ends, the best way to relax after all the walking is to go to Mama Ngina drive and sit by the sea while you eat Kachiri ya Muhogo and drink Madafu. The experience is one of a kind. You get to enjoy the sea breeze while unwinding and experiencing a Mombasa Culture. Kachiri ya Muhogo is Deep fried Cassava crisps, you can add Red pepper and lemon or just eat it plain. You can also have Corn or sweet potatoes depending on your preference.  You can either seat on the benches or if you go with a personal car you can park facing the ocean and enjoy the coastal snacks.


To end the day, you need some open air restaurant to enjoy the coastal night breeze. A nice place to enjoy that and have some barbecue is Hashmi’s BBQ center. The offer mouthwatering seafood and mshikakis. Their good service and ambiance will give you a great experience with family and friend. You can read a review on previous blog: Maakulati : Hashmi Barbeque Centre –Mombasa

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